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Fill Me Up Lord      

Fill Me Up, Lord

Fill me up with your spirit, Lord!

Let my cup overflow.

Give me love for my enemies.

Sweetly, bless them as they go.

Fill me up, Lord!

Till they can surely see,

I in You and You in me.

Let all my labor be in Thee.

Sweet Grace has filled the air,

No more strife; no more snare.

Let my oppressors see You’re true,

For what they do to me, they do to You.

Let kindness always from my tongue speak.

Let my way always be lowly and meek.

Knowing that kindness turns away wrath,

Ever leaning on you to be my staff.

I gave my life that nigh, I was so low.

Thank You for giving me peace

And saving my soul.

Let me stand bold, bearing all things in You,

Knowing I could never repay all that You do.

Please keep me humble, for I only know in part,

Never letting judgment enter my heart.

Vengeance is Yours right from the start,

Knowing You will do right by every man’s heart.

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Posted on: 2007-07-30
Last Modified on: 2007-07-30
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