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Bee BBQ      

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So I'm using my BBQ this weekend and thought I would clean it up. I have known there were bees coming from under the cover so I thought I'd kill them. Here's the BBQ in question.

I know these bombs aren't for bees but I thought I'll suffocate/smoke them out. So here is the weapon of choice and delivery system.

I thought I was pretty smart to design a device to be easily maneuvered under the cover and then release the weapon of buzz destruction.. The sound from under the cover was incredible!!! You could hear it a mile away. I ran away like the crazy, and came back a few minutes later to see the death toll.

The mass grave was several inches deep.

Once I knew all the bees were dead, I continued to remove the cover and to light the BBQ to further clean it when I noticed some fatty looking substance on the top of the side shelf.. Bit weird.. I clean it before I put it away for winter and no way was there fat there so I begun to wonder...... NO..... it can't be could it? I slowly removed the rest of the cover only to find this.

AND ON ANOTHER NOTE: We think the queen flew away.... either that or a small child has wings and has been living in the hive because that thing was huge!

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Posted on: 2009-03-08
Last Modified on: 2009-03-08
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