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TXTCancer is Bad, Read this07/05/2007 05:4600
TXTPick someone up07/05/2007 08:3300
TXTMy son died for you07/05/2007 08:5801
IMGWhat If?07/05/2007 10:3106
TXTWhy is it so Easy to Tell a Lie but not the Truth?07/06/2007 06:551008
TXTJesus Christ07/04/2007 05:0001
TXTFunny how Simple it is for People to Trash God07/03/2007 10:1600
TXTThis will strengthen your Faith!!07/02/2007 05:511002
TXTYou Are Unique!!!06/25/2007 14:261002
TXTFolding a NEW PINK $20.00 bill!!!!06/20/2007 13:1005