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TXTA Real Friend Test05/12/2006 00:23675
TXTWhat would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there?05/12/2006 16:5910024
TXTFriends05/21/2006 20:101005
IMGThere was a man who had four sons.07/01/2006 19:338845
TXTThe Window11/26/2006 14:2201
TXT'Seize The Moment'11/26/2006 14:5401
TXTIt Depends on Who's Hands it's in!!11/26/2006 15:11011
TXTWhen You Thought No One Was Looking01/10/2007 13:571002
TXTWhat God Has to Say01/10/2007 13:5107
IMGWhole Family Prayer02/20/2007 15:4610011