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TXTBad Day at the Office?01/02/2008 17:27881
TXTMen & Women01/28/2008 17:12013
IMGEver wondered how a woman's brain works?02/12/2008 06:5901
IMGA good wife's guide from 195502/12/2008 09:3607
IMGOnly in Russia!02/25/2008 16:008117
IMGFinally, Computer error messages we can actually understand!03/26/2008 15:1704
TXTI'm proud to be Ukrainian!04/18/2008 15:531002
IMGFunny pictures and signs05/10/2008 11:0706
IMGWomen as explained by engineers05/10/2008 18:251009
TXTQuestions you just can't answer05/10/2008 18:4904