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TXTWorking as a secretary05/13/2006 09:57562
TXTWrong Email Address05/13/2006 10:209520
TXTNew Words for 200605/13/2006 12:19750
TXTTech support people05/14/2006 22:48871
TXTRushing to work05/14/2006 22:49332
TXTFitness center applicants05/14/2006 22:5100
TXTMy boyfriend05/14/2006 22:52-40621
TXTRabbits for a little girl05/14/2006 22:531002
TXTThe day I immigrated to the United States05/14/2006 22:541002
TXTWorking as a server at a sushi bar05/14/2006 22:55921