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IMGSmiled Today01/17/2009 19:5204
IMGCakes by Zhanna Zubova03/07/2009 11:48651
IMGCapturing the split second moment03/07/2009 12:0202
IMGHappy 4th of July!03/07/2009 12:1201
IMGScary Santa03/07/2009 12:2700
IMGReading Test03/07/2009 12:541000
TXTSenior humor.....enjoy03/07/2009 12:5900
IMGNothing will happen!03/07/2009 13:031000
IMGJet Skis aren't for everyone...03/07/2009 13:0501
IMGA fawn followed this beagle home03/07/2009 13:0900