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About My Forwards      

Have you ever gotten a forwarded email from your friend that brightened your day? Im sure you have. Ive been getting many of these types of forwards. Usually after reading them I would forward the good ones on to my friends and delete all others.

One day an idea came to me: Why not make a site and post these forwards there? This way when a great story, some funny pictures, or a cool clip is forwarded to me I can post it to the site for everyone to see.

This idea came closer to being a project that I would undertake, when MACANS expanded. With extra help we were able to bring the idea from concept to reality.

MyForwards.com has become a place for positive forwards shared by people from around the net. I hope that as you browse this site you will find words of encouragement, fun, optimism, and everything else that is good.

If you would like to share forwards that you have received, please forward them to us at email@myforwards.com.